Word-of-Mouth is the Ultimate Form of Marketing. Help Your Audiences Talking


In beta version period,
b.tween posts your brands
on Instagram and Facebook page for free!



b.tween is marketing platform to show clear ROI and Customer group data.
With b.tween, you could see who your loyal customers are and how to grow them with their network.


Earn First, Pay Later

Ever had the hassle of paying for a service without showing any real results to your bottom line and Return on Investment (ROI)?

Here at b.tween we don’t believe its fair for you to get charged without ever making a sale, so we have gone out and solved that common problem with our merchants through our “No Sales/No Charge” policy.

With b.tween, our system encourages your customers to make you additional sales first through referrals, and in turn after your customers will be happy to know they get paid also for their referrals.


Free Equals No Hassle

Yes it’s true b.tween comes completely free! Simply sign up on our “Join Us”, and once your business is approved, you will be on-boarded onto our system.

Once your customers refer your business, you will be able to pay them directly. With the referral fee being the only cost from you, wouldn’t life be easier knowing there are no upfront fees and hidden fees? With b.tween you can finally get back to what’s most important, which is “growing your brand!”


Stay Connected

With b.tween you can stay in constant contact with your most valuable customers!

In fact, b.tween provides a fully customizable customer data that allows you to see how your audiences generate and grow more audiences Power Your Brand: Create more intimate relationships with your audiences separating the cream of the crop customers from the rest (Leverage the 80/20 Rule)


Authentic relationships over
Transactional relationships

Nothing beats loyalty and it’s no different when it comes to your top customers who can show you opportunities for new sales, suggest areas to improve your business model, and give deeper feedback.

Unlike other platforms that are designed more for transactional relationships focused (i.e focused on only boosting quick short term sales), b.tween focuses on building long term relationships with your audiences. Make real relationships with your loyal customers and empower them to become brand ambassadors, ones who fully understand and absolutely love your business.

Loyal customers can bring new sales, product or service suggestions, and customer-centric ideas. b.tween makes you connect to your loyal customers while your business keep going. Turn your fans into your partners.

How it works


Jeff and Mike are friends and connected via Social Media. They both have registered on b.tween as well.


Jeff shops at Sephora and has a great experience than recommends it to Mike


Mike takes Jeff’s recommendation and also shops at Sephora. Mike now loves Sephora


Sephora pays Jeff only 10% of Mike’s purchase. Sephora gains a new loyal shoppers

All of Mike’s (and Jeff’s) network
and extended branches, who takes their recommendation,
is now available to Sephora

What is b.tween?


b.tween is so proud of working with these partners

amazon mustela Now or Never COFFEE


The business model achieved Patent granted on the points of innovation and advance. The point is working on social media network information and payment transaction data.






About Us

b.plat LLC provides b.tween, established in 2017. We have a vision to move power of marketing from agencies to customers.
With this shift of paradigm, merchants can build real relationship with customers. Here at b.tween we pride ourselves in our mission to push the envelope with our technology in driving real, genuine, and authentic relationships between new local businesses, up-and-coming new brands with their customers

1412 Broadway 21FL, New York, NY 10018
Phone Number ( 718 ) 215 - 0126
Email Address info@b-plat.net


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